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Stained Glass

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Stained glass has been a way of telling stories for centuries. From 4th century churches to contemporary art, handling stained glass is a unique and delicate task that requires a special set of skills.

Whether you’re repairing an existing piece or looking for a brand-new, custom design, allow the experts at Swiatek Studios in Clarence, NY to make your ideas come to life. We understand the rich, historical significance of stained glass. We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure incredible results for both centuries old pieces and modern designs.

Stained Glass Restoration - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Whether You’re Restoring or Designing, We Can Help With:

Lead Replacement - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Lead Replacement

We can replace and repair the leading framework that supports the glass within any stained glass piece.
Glass Painting and Kiln Firing - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Traditional Glass Painting & Kiln Firing

We use these proven, traditional techniques to create stunning stained glass for all restorations and new pieces.
Frame Repair - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Frame Repair

If the frame of your stained glass has worn with time, our experienced professionals will carefully repair or restore any imperfections .
Sash Repair - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Sash Repair

Sashes hold your stained glass together within its frame and are important to the structural integrity of any piece. If your stained glass has worn or bowed with time, we have the skills to repair or replace your sashes.
Stained Glass Conservation - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


To make sure your valuable stained glass maintains its original beauty, trust our artists to clean, repair, restore, or protect any existing piece.

Trust Our Experts With Your Next Restoration Project

Stained Glass Preservation - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Preserving Tradition, For Generations

At Swiatek Studios, we understand the importance of tradition and dedication. Restoration has been our family’s business since 1967, so you can trust that we will handle your historically significant project with respect and care.

We are committed to the highest-quality service of restoration, preservation, and reparation in the Northeast US. For an estimate on your next project, contact us at 716-597-6683 today!
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