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Plastering & Carpentry

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Plastering and carpentry have been used for centuries to add ornate detail to architectural elements. Due to its delicate nature, plaster can break down and lose its striking nature over time. Whether your architectural style is complex and traditional or sleek and modern, our team of skilled craftsman can help preserve or build statues, plaster detailing, furnishings,  and other interior features. We’ve handled everything from minor repairs to creating new pieces that fill entire buildings.

Plastering and Carpentry - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Historic Plastering and Carpentry, Expert Craftsmen.

Thankfully, there’s Swiatek Studios. Our carpenters can help you perfect your space’s most striking features, including:

Statue Restoration - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


Repairing statues that are chipped, cracked, or broken is no easy task. We can perform small touch-ups or total restorations on the most detailed statues.
Ornamantel Plaster - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Ornamental Plaster

Ornamental plaster can add dramatic details to any architectural element. Typically, you can find plaster used to create detailed patterns around the molding of a ceiling. This plastering adds a traditional, sophisticated feel to any space.
Molding and Casting - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Molding and Casting

Our experience, combined with our professional molding and casting materials allows us to make nearly any custom plaster creation. Ornate plasterwork is a staple in many historical buildings, let our carpenters bring your visions to reality with our molding and casting expertise.

Your One-Stop Shop for Restoration.

Restoration and Carpentry - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Expert Restoration & Carpentry for Every Space

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most beautiful and unique spaces the Northeast has to offer. Whether you’re looking to restore a historic home to its original charm, or renovate a church without losing any of its traditional beauty, we have the experience to help achieve your dream design. Our work can be seen all over New York in Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse, Ithaca, Albany, and Manhattan; as well as Erie, PA; Boston, MA; and Hartford, CT.

No matter how big the project, we can help! If you’re not sure where to begin with your restoration project, let us take care of it. Contact us at 716-597-6683 for a consultation today!
 Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


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