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Painting, Gilding, & Finishes

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Over time, delicate works of art such as paintings, decorative finishes, and architectural accents can begin to lose their original brilliance. These valuable touches can be affected by water damage, smoke, or may have been painted over and hidden over time. Our restoration technicians have the delicate and knowledgeable touch to ensure these details are in the best condition possible.

At Swiatek Studios, our artists have experience in creating new paintings and finishes, as well as the restoration of historic ones. Whether your piece is for a business, museum, private home, or church, our work involves unmatched levels of artistic skill, attention to detail, and historical understanding.

Painting, Gilding, and Finishes - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Detailed Painting Restoration, Gilding, and Faux finishing.

We offer a range of services to help preserve these artistic touches:

Painting - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


Whether you have a mural or a small, decorative accent, our team of outstanding artists can recreate, restore, and conserve any work of fine art.
Gilding - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


Gilding is a delicate decorating technique, in which thin gold leaf is applied to surfaces such as religious symbols and architectural accents. Gilded detail can lose its luster over time, but our restoration techniques will return them to their original shine.
Decorative Finishes - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Decorative Finishes

Faux painting and other decorative finishes can be used to replicate the look of other materials such as wood, plaster, trompe l’oeil, or marble. Our team can recreate even the most complex textures and materials.
Stenciling - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


Our diverse selection of stencils can be used to add intricate patterns and shapes to your interior walls.
Painting and Gilding Conservation - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


Let us assess, restore, and protect your artwork for years to come. We use high-quality, non-destructive methods to reverse the effects of aging on your pieces without losing their original integrity.

We Can Help With Any Historically-Significant Interior

Painting and Gilding Preservation - Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY

Award-Winning Work Throughout The Northeast

At Swiatek Studios, we’ve been lucky to help preserve communities all over New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and other historic areas. In fact, we were awarded the 2016 “Preservation Craft Award” from Preservation Buffalo Niagara.

With over 50 years of family experience, our service, craftsmanship, and artistic skills are unmatched. For all projects, big or small, contact us at 716-597-6683 today!
 Swiatek Studios - Clarence, NY


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